The Walking Dead: Season 9 Reviews

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½ February 18, 2019
The first half of the season was actually pretty good. It was definitely a step up from that atrocious season 8. In season 8 we we??re getting a 5 minute monologue every 3 minutes with a sad soundtrack blasting in the backround so loud that we cant even hear the characters speak. In this season though, the dialogue felt natural. The cinematography was also a big step up from season 8. It felt and looked like The Walking Dead when it was in its prime. Of course I had some nickpicks here and there but over all it was a great first half. Except of course for that cop out with Ricks �??death.�?? That was my main problem with the first half. AMC being AMC. Instead of killing Rick, they decide to let him live and go on to lead his own movies. This was purely just for more money. Not to mention the fact that there was absolutely no way that Rick would have survived such an explosion and also make it across half the river for Jadis to rescue him and bring him to wherever the hell the place is that she is going. Overall the first half was great but not the best. The second half now, good god, it is really just not good. The soundtrack is getting worse, the cinematography is lacking, and its starting to feel like a sope opera again. The Whisperers also look like a complete joke. I blame that on the cinematography. Good cinematography could make any character or characters, look bad ass. How the camera angles are shot when the Whisperers arrive in any scene, they just look plain stupid. The soundtrack doesnt help either. They play this stupid cliche horror soundtrack that you would find in a low budget highschool movie project. They????re trying way too hard to make them scary. Its not working. They also need to work on balancing out the soundtrack and also the volume of the characters speaking. In some scenes the soundtrack would be too loud while the characters voices would be to low. And then sometimes it would be the opposite. Its too inconsistent and ruins the whole scene. So far its an average season. Im sticking around in hopes of it getting better though. I didnt give up on the show during season 8, so I wont give up now.
February 18, 2019
The shows new tension and horror is amazing with brutal action. The walking dead easily shows how much the series has grown and puts off as the best horror/action shows of the decade.
February 17, 2019
Great as always
February 17, 2019
I absolutely love this shit
February 16, 2019
Never miss an episode!
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